Celebrating 100 years of excellence

Jan 21, 2021

The first chapter of the Sri Lankan University genealogy was chronicled a century ago; on the 21st January 1921, when Ceylon University College, an affiliate of the University of London began the history of Sri Lankan universities to be penned. Today, on 21st January 2021, University of Colombo will mark the 100th milestone of pioneering liberal arts and basic sciences in the field of modern higher education. 

Colombo Beacon brings best wishes for the Faculties of Science and Arts, that celebrate their centenary today, and for the main library of the University of Colombo, that enriches thousands of flowers of wisdom.

This is Colombo Beacon’s tour of unfolding the centenary chapters of University of Colombo.

Project Coordinators: Ranmuni De Zoysa , Amodha Sachiko and Poornima Dissanayake

Facebook Cover

We have reached a significant milestone in a long expedition that set into motion many years ago. Many generations have come and gone, bearing uncountable and indelible memories and will continue to do so in the centuries yet to come. 

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Design by: Achintha Lakshan

Facebook Frame

Here we are introducing a new frame for the Centenary Celebration of the University of Colombo.

Every single movement is important but some remarks will not dawn again.

Design by: Samith Kanshadha , Binod Lakshith

Maths Department Logo

Design by: Bimal Navin

Countdown Videos

The greatest achievements become unforgettable when they are celebrated.

University of Colombo celebrating her centennial anniversary with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts  is truly a momentous event that should not be  missed.

So let the countdown begin to this exclusive celebration!

VFX and video edited by: Chamod Dilshan, Chamod Perara

Article Series

පුරවර සරසවියේ සියවසක සැමරුම් – ප්‍රථම යාමය

Content by Divyanjalee Nimnathara
PC- Praveen Hasaranga

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පුරවර සරසවියේ සියවසක සැමරුම්- වත්මන් යාමය

Content by Kaushalya  Aththanayaka
PC – Oshada Viduranga වාසිටි සේයා competition organized by Colombo Beacon

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Flash Series

PC – Praveen Hasaranga
Design by Bimal Navin

UOC Documentary Video

Today… 21st of January… The university of Colombo celebrates her centenary with her Faculties, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts.

Cheers for UOC for her 100th anniversary…

Script by: Hashini Madhushani, Amodha Sachiko, Ranmuni De Soyza
Narration  : Poornima Dissanayake, Chandima Bandara
Videography: Kaushan Fernando, Achintha Lakshan
Video Editing : Chamod Perera, Bimal Navin
Special Thanks: Thilinda Priyasanka

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