About Us

Appreciate the youth talents related to different forms of arts and creativity.


• Build a platform that will enable the Sri Lankan youth to voice their opinions with regard to any issue or any field that they deem should receive priority in the society thus build a hub of intellectual discussions which will assist the Sri Lankan youth to move forward with the globalized world.


• As university students are considered as the cream of the cream for the next generation, it will be a significant investment into the future if a proper stage is built for these students to portray their talents, new creations and experiments to the whole wide world. Colombo Beacon aims to build this perfect stage for the university students which enable them to address the global stage.


• Build a web space for the borne talents ant intellect of the youth thus enabling them to move towards their ultimate goals along with the globalized society.


• Appreciate the youth talents related to different forms of arts and creativity.


• By joining with the Colombo Beacon family, a member will have the opportunity to build a personality which will enable them to be front runners in the society through the social skills they gain through the activities in the Colombo Beacon family.

Our Founders

“Founders aspire to create meaningful, strategic solutions that will make some corner of the world, no matter how small, a better place.”

Chamodith Ranasinghe

Business Development Manager at Adhevation Co., Ltd

President (2013-2016)

Sithira Dineth

Merchandiser at MAS Holdings

Head of Marketing & Finance Department (2013-2015) Vice President (2015-2016)

Rishan Sampath

Executive- Environmental Sustainability at MAS Holdings

Secretary (2013-2015) Advisor (2015-2016)

Hashini Pannala

Graduate Teacher at WP Education Department

Head of HR Department (2013-2015)

Manujaya Perera

Reading for M. Sc. - Wayne State University, Michigan, USA

Head of Content Administration Department (2013-2015) Secretary (2015-2016)

Nipuna Dayananda

Assistant superintendent -Sri Lanka Custom

Vice President (2013-2015) Head of HR dept. (2015-2016)

Rasika Manjujeewa

Research Lead at Eyepax

Head of IT Department (2013-2015) Advisor (2015-2016)