Why You Should Join With Us?

Colombo Beacon is a ‘Unique Professional Youth Organization’ which can be recognized as a platform for youngsters to identify raw talents and finetune to enlighten their future. The freedom presented by Colombo Beacon will be a great opportunity for the youth to research on their interests and present them to a global audience which will enable them to gain recognition from the young age thus allowing them to achieve the ultimate goals of their lives. Simply, Colombo Beacon aims to be a beacon of hope that will assist any youngster to Navigate Towards the Destination of their lives.

Our Departments

Our Members Can Work with Any Departmnet


The most artistic captions that come up to our camera lens all around the world are brought to you.


A heartfelt chronology of your video story is created with the blend of our technical skills.

IT & Administration

Writing, markup and coding are done according to the best specifications to develop dazzling web layouts.

Human Resources

Direction, coordination, planning of every kind of function within the organization is done with systematic tactics.


Informative and creative oration is done mingling with the incomparable speaking talents and overwhelmingly impressive words.

Content Writing

Well-structured documentaries and all kinds of creative contents are written in captivative words completely switching the reader to another imaginative world.


Graphic Design

Aesthetically pleasing visual arts are designed employing the most stunning graphics to bring about messages from unspoken words.


The strategic techniques are brought into play combining skills of other departments to publicize any kind of product.

Project Management

Innovative ideas are implemented following well-organized master plans incorporating the most appropriate skills out of all departments.

Success Stories

“Don’t underestimate Small Humble Beginnings, because sometimes they can turn out to be the Greatest Success Stories.”

Our Projects

රූ ධාරා

රූ ධාරා

Travelling is something loved by all irrespective of nationality, caste, etc. The experiences and memories we gain from travelling all over the country and world are really priceless. It is like a meditation to a disturbed mind that will end all our problems within...

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Celebrating 100 years of excellence

Celebrating 100 years of excellence

The first chapter of the Sri Lankan University genealogy was chronicled a century ago; on the 21st January 1921, when Ceylon University College, an affiliate of the University of London began the history of Sri Lankan universities to be penned. Today, on 21st January...

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Campus Field

Campus Field

This Chapter of Colombo Beacon was launched as a single article series to offer an ultimate opportunity for the members of the junior batch who were not able to have a realistic travelling experience due to the Covid -19 pandemic situation. Campus Field , the series...

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With the outbreak of Covid-19 and amid lockdown, Sri Lankans began to nurture their own oases through home gardening. As gardening has boomed as residents under lockdown look to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables, we Beaconites decided to launch the project ...

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